Crown Terrace Baptist Church 2022

A Christian Community in the City Centre Seeking to Make Christ Known

Core Groups

These are the Core Groups which look after key areas in the life of the church and each is convened by a Deacon or member of the church.

This Core Group looks after the fellowship area of church life.

This Core Group helps us fulfil our commitment to prayer.

The role of the Service Core Group is to contribute to meeting the needs of the community within and beyond our church fellowship. The activities currently conducted to achieve this are:

This Core Group aims to raise awareness within the church of mission, both at home and abroad, and to coordinate practical support. The Church is an active supporter of missionary organisations and individuals at home and abroad including: Anurag Ministries (in Mumbai, India), BMS World Mission, Somebody Cares, Stella's Voice, and Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland.

This Core Group meets regularly throughout the year to review all aspects of worship in the church.  They have particular responsibility for Sunday services, the Care Home service at Maryfield West.  They plan for the main festivals of the church year - Advent and Christmas, Holy Week and Easter.  It’s a big remit, but they try their best to keep on top of it all.