Crown Terrace Baptist Church

A Christian Community in the City Centre Seeking to Make Christ Known

Church Leadership

Here is the church leadership with their key roles and responsibilities:-

 Patricia Addinell, Secretary
Patricia Addinell

(Deacon & Secretary)

 Muriel Knox, Chairman
Muriel Knox

 Bill Laird, Deacon
Bill Laird
(Deacon & Building CG)

Ken Mackintosh, Deacon
Ken Mackintosh

Charles McWhan, Deacon
Charles McWhan

Brian Miller, Treasurer

Brian Miller

Sheena Miller, Deacon
Sheena Miller

Karen Morrice, Deacon
Karen Morrice

Bisi Obawole, Deacon
Bisi Obawole
(Deacon & Mission CG)

 Gary Smith, Minister
Gary Smith
(Minister & Worship CG)